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Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:48 pm

  • Community Rules
    1. No racism or hate speech.
    2. Do not mic or chat spam.
    3. Do not argue with moderators. If you disagree with their ruling, report them on the forum.

    TTT Rules
    1. Do not RDM. Detectives and Innocents must have evidence or witness someone commit a traitorous act to kill them.
    2. Do not call KOS based on skin, weapon, or location.
    4. No ghosting.
    5. Do not prop surf to inaccessible places.

    Traitorous Acts
    1. Damaging or killing a player who hasn’t committed one of the acts below
    2. Possessing traitor weapons and items without killing a traitor
    3. Placing explosives like C4 or trip mines
    4. Destroying detective equipment
    5. Leaving bodies unidentified after being asked to check them
    6. Not responding to Live Checks in Overtime

    Chat/Mic Spam or Excessive Insults
    1. Verbal Warning
    2. 5 minute mute/gag
    3. 10 minute mute/gag
    4. Perma mute/gag pending appeal on forum

    Killing Innos or Detectives - 1 slay per
    Killing Traitors w/o Evidence - 2 slays per
    Mass RDM in single or over multiple rounds may result in 12 hour to perma ban

    If suspected of ghosting you will be warned not to use outside chat to your advantage
    Reasonable suspicion may result in 72 hour to perma ban

    Rules subject to change
    Rules subject to interpretation by moderators
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