5/13 TTT Custom #1 is live!

Important News and Updates
Mon May 15, 2017 8:31 pm

  • Although it looks pretty vanilla, I am going to slowly be adding custom addons and features to the server. Here's an idea of what's coming and in what order:

    1. Map Voting - If there aren't any mods on the server never changes maps, which is really lame. I'm going to write a custom map voting addon that lays a framework for future custom addons.

    2. Time Recording Addon - Knowing how much time you've spent on the server is vital to a number of future plugins as well as consideration for for staff applications. This one will be simple, but nonetheless necessary.

    3. Vanity Ranks - With time spent comes rewards earned. The most basic is a title to show off how dedicated you are to the community. When launched the ranks, time required, and rewards will be posted on the forums.

    4. Currency Addon - As a precursor to all of the following addons, you'll need an in game currency system to spend on new player models, perks, consumables and more...

    These 4 are the framework for the rest of the server's customization addons. A store and inventory system for player models, accessories, weapons, perks, and other items will follow. I appreciate all of your patience as LTG gets started. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please fill me in on them!
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